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The School of Social Transformation is a community of discovery where students, faculty and staff create solutions to society’s most pressing social problems.

We focus on transformational knowledge, and preparing our students to be informed members of society. They will become interdisciplinary, team-oriented and real-world problem solvers that can thrive anywhere and create real change not just locally but globally.

Through your donation, you become a partner in our academic success allowing our students and faculty to make discoveries, create social innovations and engage with others in changing the world.

Your gift is greatly appreciated!

Some investment opportunities include:

  • Undergraduate scholarships and research projects
  • Graduate fellowships, including dissertation fellowships
  • Our signature speakers' series, including the John P. Frank Memorial Lecture and our Seeking Justice in Arizona lecture series
  • Strategic initiatives such as research clusters to promote synergistic cross-disciplinary collaborations

Operational Support 

School of Social Transformation - to support all programs and initiatives of the School of Social Transformation. 

Center for Indian Education - to support all programs and initiatives of the Center for Indian Education. 

Center for Gender Equity in Science Technology - to support all programs and initiatives the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology. 

Scholarship Support

African, African American Studies Book Scholarship - to support an undergraduate student who is enrolled in the African and African American Studies degree program with cost/expense of books. 

Asian Pacific American Studies Wing Ong Scholarship - to support scholarship grants to undergraduate students doing research relating to Asian Pacific American communities. 

Women Studies Scholarship/Fellowship - to support student scholarships/fellowships within Women and Gender Studies program.

Justice Studies 1st Generation Alumni Scholarship - to support a better learning environment for graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Justice and Social Inquiry. The students receiving support from this scholarship must be first generation students from the Arizona community who qualify for financial aid. 

Lecture Series Support

John P. Frank Lecture Series - to support the John P. Frank Lecture Series in the School of Social Transformation, which provides a forum for the school to share and explore critical issues of justice and the law with community leaders. 

Seeking Justice in Arizona Lecture Series - to support talks and presentations by guest speakers on social justice in Arizona.