Internship FAQ

Can I arrange an internship with my current employer?
Effective spring 2010, it may be possible if certain conditions are met. First, you cannot have been working in that placement for more than 6 months. Second, you must obtain a different supervisor to report to during your internship. Finally, you must clearly demonstrate that the internship differs from your job.

Can I complete the internship over the summer and then apply for credit in the fall?
No. The hours that you work in your internship must be completed during the semester in which you register. Retroactive credit cannot be given for internships.

Do I have to find my own internship?

Yes. To help get you started, here are a few suggestions:

  • Check the list of SST Internship Opportunities
  • Sign up for the SST undergraduate newsletter
  • Ask SST faculty for ideas
  • Review specific company websites
  • Look at bulletin board postings
  • Use ASU Career and Professional Services and Handshake
  • Attend career fairs

Can I work an internship that’s not on the SST Internship Opportunities List?
Yes. You can arrange your own internship as long as it meets the School of Social Transformation’s requirements. Arrange a meeting with the SST Internship Coordinator to start the process.

How many hours do I have to work per week? 
To earn 3 credit hours you must work a total of 135 hours. During the fall and spring semesters, this works out to be about 8 hours a week on the job. 

What do I have to do besides work at my internship?
In addition to working your internship hours, you are required to register for credit. As an intern you are expected to complete career­-related assignments, write one reflective papers, record all internship hours, and your site supervisor will be asked to submit one final evaluation about your performance during the semester.

Can I receive internship credit if I am being paid or receiving a stipend?
Yes. While internship providers are not expected to compensate interns, if you find an internship that is paid you can still earn academic credit for the internship.

Will I receive a grade for my internship?
Yes. Students will work with internship coordinator to determine grade.

Can my internship count for one of my major requirements?
Internships for Women and Gender Studies or Asian Pacific American Studies are required for the majors. Justice Studies internships count only as electives. 

How do I apply to an internship?
The School of Social Transformation’s internship application process is straight-forward. However, you should begin the the process of finding an internship well before the start of the semester in which you plan to intern as the process can take time.

Step 1: Update your resume – visit the School of Social Transformation Writing Mentorship Center or make an appointment with ASU Career and Professional Development Services.

Step 2: Explore the internship list and print a list of organizations you would like to intern with.

Step 3: Complete the Internship Interest Form.

Step 4: Make an appointment to see the School of Social Transformation student support coordinator by calling 480-­965­-7682.

Step 5: Bring your resume and printed list of potential internship organizations to your meeting with the internship coordinator.

Step 6: Begin the application process with each organization

  • Compose a short email / cover letter. Be sure to include your major and areas of interest.
  • Attach your updated resume.

Step 7: Follow up with your contacts to arrange an interview. Always thank them for their time and interest.

Step 8: If you receive multiple offers, send a note to each organization you do not choose to work with, thanking them for the opportunity, notifying them of your decision and explaining your reasoning.

Step 9: Register for the internship course.