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Law Enforcement Internships

Care 7

CARE 7 prides itself on our "Continuum of Care". This means that we encounter clients at the point of crisis in their lives and we continue our support, assistance, and referral through the crisis point, healing, and recovery.

Contact: Brady Prutch

Email: Brady_Prutch@tempe.gov

Phone: 480-350-8004

Drug Enforcement Administration    

3010 N Second St

Phoenix, AZ 85012

Norma Bowers, Personnel Liaison Specialist




DEA only offers six-month unpaid internships.   To be considered, a student must submit the following documents for review:

(1) Cover Letter of intent to serve volunteer internship

(2) Resume

(3) Letter/Proof of Enrollment from school stating that student is in good academic standing, GPA, and date of expected graduation.

(4) Original Official Transcript (to include anticipated date of graduation and GPA) – sealed envelope and stamped.

(5) Drug Questionnaire (DEA-341)

(6) Student Volunteer Agreement

Documents may be sent to Norma Bowers at: Norma.H.Bowers@usdoj.gov

Mesa Police Department: V.I.P.S Volunteers in Police Service

Contact: Tara Hall, Volunteer/Internship Coordinator

Tara.Hall@mesaaz.gov 480-644-2073

The Mission of the Mesa Police Department Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program is to support members in providing police service and to promote community partnership.

We offer internships in several divisions of the police department such as, crime prevention, criminal investigations, patrol support, victim assistance, forensics and more. For more information, please visit:    http://www.mesaaz.gov/residents/police/divisions/volunteer-program


Phoenix Police Department- Citizens Offering Police Support (COPS)

Contact: Officer Christopher Abril, COPS Coordinator
Phone: 602-262-7218
The Phoenix Police Department offers the COPS program so that college interns can support the department from within in a non-enforcement capacity. The COPS program has volunteer assignments in over 40 different specialty details in four different categories:
Crime Lax

Phoenix Police is proud to offer an internship program to students wishing to gain experience that will prove invaluable in their path to pursue a career in government or law enforcement.

For more information on how to apply, please visit https://www.phoenix.gov/police/neighborhood-resources/volunteer/student-internships


Scottsdale Police Department- Crime Analysis Unit

Mary Bertucelli



9065 E Via Linda

Scottsdale, AZ 85258                                                                                                         


Crime Analysis Internship: If you are interested in a challenging internship that will provide an opportunity to experience working with the Scottsdale Police Department, we encourage you to apply.   The Scottsdale Police Department is currently looking for interns to assist in the Crime Analysis Unit. Duties of the internship include:

• Determining crime patterns & trends       

• Identifying “hotspots” 

• Quality control checks                              

• Create link charts

• Create maps                                                

• Query data for internal and external requests

• Creating crime bulletins

Qualified applicants include undergraduate college students currently in their junior or senior year. Analytical skills are essential. Thus, it’s imperative that interns have already taken research methods and statistics to prepare for job duties. Additionally, good communication skills are essential to fulfill internal and external requests.



Tempe Police Dept. – Tactical Crime Analyst  

To apply for this internship and view other, please visit:


The philosophy of the strategic crime analysis internship at the Tempe Police Department is to foster an understanding of research and analysis within the context of law enforcement.  The activities in which a strategic crime analysis intern would likely participate include:  Performing a qualitative analysis of domestic violence crime reports, assisting in the preparation of monthly crime analysis bulletins, assisting patrol officers, detectives, and crime analysis staff with research on criminal activity in Tempe, using computer database, electronic spreadsheets, desktop publishing, word processing, and statistical applications to manipulate, analyze, and present data.  The strategic intern will gain in-depth experience in working with crime reports as well as calls for service data.  Through the internship, interns will build a proficiency in numerous software applications used in crime analysis and will acquire the skills needed to conduct qualitative as well as quantitative analysis

U.S. Postal Inspector

Contact: Ray Shepard
The United States Postal Inspection Service is the federal law enforcement and security arm of the U.S. Postal Service. The Inspection Service ensures the safety, security and integrity of the U.S. Mail. The mission is to safeguard the sanctity of the U.S mail and, to combat mail theft and fraud. Our 1,900 Postal Inspectors investigate postal-related crimes, such as identity theft, mail bombs, postal robberies and burglaries and workers’ compensation fraud. And we protect against the use of the mail to launder drug money, traffic in illegal drugs and exploit children. Our Postal Inspection Service allows you to explore practical applications and trends in educational theory and meets our short-term employment needs for the organization. Provides you an immediate source of productive staff for short-term requirements and special projects. We advantage in early targeting students who are difficult to recruit (eg. Certain majors and minority students). We offer the opportunity to observe students’ performance and evaluate them as potential future employees. Finally, savings of training time and costs if hire former interns, who are already familiar with the organization.