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Internship Requirements

Students in the School of Social Transformation are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship during their time at Arizona State University. The school closely supervises internships to ensure students are getting a professional experience that will help prepare them for a future career.

Students in the following degree programs are required to complete at least one professional-
level internship for credit:

  • Asian Pacific American Studies BA
  • Asian Pacific American Studies Undergraduate Certificate
  • Women and Gender Studies BA

Students in the following degree programs may complete an internship or undergraduate
research experience:

  • Human Rights Undergraduate Certificate
  • Social Transformation Undergraduate Certificate


Internships for academic credit
Students completing an internship have the opportunity to earn three hours of academic, non­graded credit.

Internship hours required at placement site:
3 credits – 135 clocked hours for the semester

The internship program has a strong academic component that connects classroom learning with on­site learning. Students are expected to identify and pursue key learning objectives, connect their internship work to goals of social transformation and write a critical analysis of their experience.


Eligibility requirements/pre­requisites:
Students are eligible to pursue an internship if they meet the following academic criteria:

Have earned 45 credit hours with a 2.5 GPA or higher.

All students must work with the School of Social Transformation’s student support coordinator to select, and be admitted to, an internship program.