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As a student in the interdisciplinary Justice and Social Inquiry programs you will study social justice and learn about the historical, cultural and social forces that shape our society.

Our bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs take a unique approach to the study of justice by revealing, engaging and transforming society.

  • We reveal the intersecting forms of injustice by examining their historical and current sources
  • We engage multiple visions of justice knowing that no one solution works for everyone
  • We transform pathways to justice by empowering communities and helping those silenced by inequality

As one of the nation’s most comprehensive programs in justice studies we prepare you to be a real­-world problem solver in any career.

We offer:

As a student in a justice studies degree program you will work closely with our award­-winning faculty and have the opportunity to conduct advanced research. Students in our bachelor’s degree programs have the opportunity to gain career experience through our internship program with 180+ placements around the world.

Our faculty are dedicated to social justice research and engaging with others to make the world a better place. Our faculty and students study a wide-­range of justice topics including:

  • Law, policy and justice
  • Economy and justice
  • Youth and justice
  • Environmental justice
  • Education, culture and justice
  • Democracy and justice
  • Gender and justice
  • Race and justice
  • Social class and justice
  • Citizenship, migration and justice
  • Human rights and justice
  • Politics and justice
  • Justice and social change

As a graduate of our program you will have the skills to create change in the real world, including critical thinking, communication, community engagement and a thorough understanding of the justice system and systems of inequality.

Our graduates are globally aware, socially engaged and knowledgeable about today’s societies, making them top hires in law firms, advocacy organizations and all levels of government.

Graduates from our program go on to pursue a variety of careers, including:

  • professional training in law or policy
  • graduate studies in social sciences or humanities
  • human welfare and social work
  • law enforcement and criminal justice
  • nongovernmental organizations
  • governmental agencies
  • international organizations
  • other public service
  • social enterprises and entrepreneurship

Join us, and pursue the work you believe in.