Evolutionary Biology, PhD

The evolutionary biology PhD is a transdisciplinary graduate degree program that will provide doctorate-level training in the historical, conceptual, empirical and quantitative aspects of biological evolution. Evolution cuts across the biological sciences in ways that few other foci do. It allows integration of information and patterns across levels of organization, informs the theoretical foundations of subfields ranging from population genetics to systematics to ecosystem ecology, and provides bridges between temporal and spatial scales.

Forgoing emphases on particular taxa or methods, the program focuses on understanding the patterns and processes that have and continue to shape life on Earth, training the next generation of scientists to use this knowledge to meet present and future challenges to the biosphere and human health in the face of increasing environmental perturbation.

Degree Offered

Evolutionary Biology, PhD
Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of


Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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