Anthropology (Complex Adaptive Systems Science), PhD

The School of Human Evolution and Social Change is an excellent choice for students wanting to pursue a PhD in the classic fields of anthropology:

  • archaeology
  • bioarchaeology
  • evolutionary anthropology
  • sociocultural anthropology

It is also an ideal environment for students who want to combine these approaches and other disciplines to explore specific issues or research questions within a transdisciplinary context. The flexible graduate curricula are designed to encourage students to design innovative plans of study to pursue their interests while receiving broad training in key areas. The anthropology faculty actively engage with faculty in other disciplines, including:

  • applied mathematics
  • chemistry
  • environmental economics
  • epidemiology
  • formal modeling
  • genetics
  • sociology
  • sustainability
  • technology and society
  • urban planning

The training students receive in this program prepares them to become expert scholars able to contribute not only to their chosen field but to finding solutions to humankind's greatest challenges.

The complex adaptive systems science doctoral concentration trains the next generation of scientists in advanced concepts and methods needed for approaching diverse phenomena in the social and life sciences. The program is tightly integrated with diverse, ongoing, university-wide research on complex adaptive systems science at Arizona State University and emphasizes the value of a complex adaptive perspective to give better insight and a more active role in seeking solutions to a broad array of critical issues facing our society today. Students will be fluent in the common language of complexity while also receiving a solid foundation in the domain knowledge of existing academic disciplines.

Degree Offered

Anthropology (Complex Adaptive Systems Science), PhD
Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of


Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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