Transborder Studies, PhD

This PhD program in transborder studies is intended for graduate students who seek rigorous study of transborder and transnational economic, political, artistic, social, psychological, ecological and cultural dynamics, with implications not only for the Mexican-origin and Latina/o communities in the U.S. or the U.S.-Mexico border region but also for other border communities around the world. This transdisciplinary degree is designed for students with serious interest in the many ways border processes affect society: past, present and future.

Due to the focus on transborder experiences in people's everyday lives, both regionally and globally, this program equips students with the knowledge, skills and competencies for transborder research, scholarship and innovation --- all of which are highly needed by current and future scholars in order to better grasp the complexity of contemporary societies in the 21st century.

Students will gain the ability to communicate findings, creations or productions to an academic and community public; the ability to create pedagogical models, learning units and assessment protocols for the transmission of learned concepts, theories and methods; and the ability to design and develop transdisciplinary research. They learn how to display and apply concepts, methods and theories in courses and research projects; gain competency in the most pertinent theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of transborder and transnational contexts; and acquire historical understanding of the development of transborder ecologies, economies, social relations, migration and health, culture, power, language and expressive culture, and media.

Degree Offered

Transborder Studies, PhD
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Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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