Geographic Information Science (Graduate Certificate)

The geographic information sciences certificate program teaches students the theoretical aspects of GIS, the technical side of the discipline, and applications of the science. Students will learn how to analyze policy problems and research questions from a spatial lens, acquire and analyze remotely sensed data, and model spatial phenomenon.

Skills in geographic information science and geospatial data analytics offer students market-ready tools for turning novel sources of spatial data into informed practice and prepare students to address issues such as climate change, population growth and aging and active transportation. The certificate program enables ASU graduate students from all disciplines, and GIS professionals, to learn how to apply GIS concepts and technology to build invaluable problem-solving skills. The certificate is intended as either a specialization within an existing master's degree or a stand-alone nondegree program.

Degree Offered

Geographic Information Science (Graduate Certificate)
Liberal Arts & Sciences, College of


Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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