Sun Devil Giving Day is Thursday, March 21!

Believe. Come together. Do good.

On March 21, we're asking you to join us in our mission to better equip students who are passionate about creating meaningful change in the world. Your gift on Sun Devil Giving Day can dramatically expand opportunities for students.

Why should you consider donating to the School of Social Transformation?

Bryan Brayboy's Sun Devil Giving Day Challenge

Help us inspire students to generate creative approaches to persistent social challenges by participating in Sun Devil Giving Day.

The following scholarships, centers, and programs are examples of specific areas within SST to which you can direct your gift:


°African and African American Studies Book Scholarship
°Leonor Boulin Johnson African and African American Studies Founders Award
°Y.F. Wu Scholars Scholarships
°Y.F. Wu Research Scholarship
°Asian Pacific American Community Scholarship
°Arizona Constables State Association Scholarship
°Russell L Duncan Memorial Scholarship
°First Generation Justice Studies Alumni Scholarship
°David Wayne Isom Scholarship
°Norton Grant for Women's Studies in Justice Studies Scholarship
°Norton and Ramsey Undergraduate Research Scholarship in Justice Studies
°Lionel E. Rombach Scholarship
°Susan Marie Schmidt Memorial Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement
°Uta Monique Behrens Scholarship in Women and Gender Studies
°Feldt-­Barbanell Scholarship
°Norton Undergraduate Research Scholarship in Women and Gender Studies
°Mary E Jones Brayboy Scholarship


°Center for Indian Education
°Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology
°Humanities Lab


°John P. Frank Memorial Lecture
°Seeking Justice in AZ Lecture Series

Of course, donating to the SST General Fund is another way to support the programs and initiatives of the School of Social Transformation.