Social Transformation (Graduate Certificate)

This certificate is designed for graduate and post-baccalaureate students interested in how change is catalyzed by social movements, protest, law, social entrepreneurship, activism and community organizing. Through the exploration of theories and research related to social change, students are able to augment their disciplinary degrees and be prepared to contribute as leaders and change makers in their communities.


Degree Requirements (15 credit hours)

1.    Core Course: SST 501 Foundations of Social Transformation (3 credits)

2.    Electives (9 credits; select 3 courses from the list of approved electives)

3.    Practicum: SST 580 Practicum (3 credits)


Additional program fee: N

Second language requirement: N


Practicum Requirements:

The culminating experience will be a community-based practicum experience and a paper that synthesizes students' interests with their implications for social transformation. The practicum placement will be with a local nonprofit or governmental organization working toward social innovation and social change. Students will be assisted in identifying a practicum placement by the program advisor. At the end of the practicum, students will produce a paper which will analyze the social and political dimensions of some issue within (or aspect of) social transformation. The paper should also identify the implications of this aspect or issue for social policy and social justice. The paper should begin within the context of the practicum experience and will be presented to the designated subset of the certificate executive board for final approval. Students will take three credits of SST 580 Practicum to complete the practicum and then revise, improve and finalize the paper with a certificate faculty member.

CMN 531 Communication and Social Change

CMN 570 Communication and Advocacy in Social Context

HDA 598 Public Practice of the Arts: Engagement and Community

HSD 502 Advanced Science and Technology Policy

JHR 506 Grant Writing for Social Justice and Human Rights

JHR 525 Action Research in Social Justice and Human Rights

JUS 591 Public Policy and Justice

JUS 591 Community Research

JUS 591 Cultural Theory

JUS 591 Environmental Justice and Cultural Politics

JUS 579 Political Deviance

JUS 591 Social Enterprises: Innovation, Justice and Community

JUS 660 Globalization and Economic Justice

JUS 691 Public Policy and Justice

JUS 691 Community Research

JUS 691 Cultural Theory

JUS 691 Environmental Justice and Cultural Politics

JUS 691 Human Rights & Sustainability

MHL 598 Urban Movement Practices

MHL 598 Music and Movement in Hip Hop Culture

MUE 598 Digital and Participatory Culture and Music

NLM 562 Social Entrepreneurship

PAF 531 Community Conflict Resolution

PAF 566 Participatory Governance and Civic Engagement

POS 598 Religion and Conflict

POS 598 Ethnic Conflict

POS 598 Regulating Political Activity

POS 598 Political Violence

POS 664 War, Peace and Conflict Processes

REL 589 Religion, War and Revolution

SST 591 Culture and Education

SST 598 Digital Activism

SST 598 Youth Participatory Action Research 

SWG 580 Community and Organizational Change

THP 582 Theatre for Social Change

WST 598/691 Gender and Policy

WST 598 Gender and International Development

WST 691 The State, Markets & Biopolitics

Degree Offered

Social Transformation (Graduate Certificate)
Liberal Arts & Sciences, The College of

Downtown, Polytechnic, Tempe, West

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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