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The study of learning beyond schooling, Social and Cultural Pedagogy is both an interdisciplinary field of study and professional practice. The first of its kind in North America, the social justice­-oriented program unites scholars, educators and students through research and practice in nontraditional education across societies, ages and educational background.

As a student in Social and Cultural Pedagogy you will get hands­-on experience with faculty dedicated to social justice research and engaging with others to change the world at a world-class research university.

We offer:

A degree in Social and Cultural Pedagogy provides educators ­ both those in classrooms and beyond ­ with the critical understanding and skills to enact positive change through teaching, whether in an early childhood classroom or nonprofit organization.

Our program of study emphasizes:

  • a scholarly understanding of the field of social science and the practice of teaching (pedagogy) 
  • training and tools for conducting strategic research in educational settings both inside the classroom and within communities
  • skills for planning, creating and measuring educational programs in diverse social settings

As a student in the Social and Cultural Pedagogy program you will work with faculty across the School of Social Transformation, including a core faculty from the culture, society and education research cluster who have backgrounds in African and African American studies, Asian Pacific American studies, justice and social inquiry, women and gender studies, the Center for Indian Education, and the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology.

Most importantly, our flexible program allows you to customize your program of study to complement your career goals. Our graduates have the ability to thrive in any environment, career or pursuit and have pursued work in:

  • youth programs
  • literacy programs
  • museum education
  • dis/ability programs
  • adult and community education
  • for­the­job and on­the­job training
  • peace education
  • environmental education
  • health education
  • civic education
  • parental education

Graduates from the Social and Cultural Pedagogy master’s program are real­world problem solvers, prepared to create social change that is democratic, inclusive and just.

Join us, and pursue the work you believe in.