Inspiring students to create social change

Become a real-world problem solver.

In the School of Social Transformation, you’ll learn how to create social change that is democratic, inclusive and just.

Study diversity and justice while learning about the historical, cultural and social forces that shape our society, and find innovative ways to engage with the community and positively transform the world. 

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Pulitzer Prize award-winning author and ASU Justice Studies alumnus, Matthew Desmond, discusses poverty in America at the School of Social Transformation's annual John P. Frank lecture.


Reimagining a better future.

Students in the School of Social Transformation become globally informed leaders in community engagement, research advancement and the continued effort to break down barriers. 

Groundbreaking research

at the Social Transformation Lab.

Community engagement

with local and global impact.

Innovative solutions

that foster equity and inclusion

Solving society's biggest problems.

How do we live? How do we organize? What is just and right? And who gets to decide? Our centers and initiatives lead transformative research that answers society's fundamental questions. 

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A new generation of leaders.

Our students become globally informed members of society who are interdisciplinary, team-oriented, real-world problem-solvers that can thrive in any environment, career or pursuit.


Career services worker


Community program manager

Development officer


Events manager

Government agency employee


Immigration advocate



Nonprofit leader

Project manager

Social worker

Women's services provider

Hayley Worrell.


I will continue my education and pursue my master’s degree in museum studies and research contributions of African Americans within the U.S. military.

My dream after that would be to work at the Smithsonian and share my love for history and African American culture with anyone who wants to learn.”

Tashieka Russell
BA in African and African American studies, 2023. 


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