Centers and Initiatives

At the School of Social Transformation our focus is transformational knowledge, including creative research approaches to themes and questions embedded in broader historical, social and cultural contexts.

Our centers, initiatives and signature events reflect our dedication to examining the processes of change and developing collaborative spaces to work with others in changing the world.


Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology

The Center aims to create an interdisciplinary, racially-ethnically diverse community of scholars, students, policy makers, and practitioners who explore, identify, and ultimately create innovative scholarship about and best practices for under-represented girls and women in STEM.

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Center for Indian Education

Established in 1959, the Center for Indian Education is an interdisciplinary research and service organization that promotes studies in American Indian/Alaska Native policy and administration to contribute to the quality of scholarship and effective practices in education, professional development and tribal capacity building.

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Center for Work and Democracy

The Center for Work and Democracy is an independent research center that contributes to rebuilding the political voice of working people. Secondarily, the Center contributes to social scientific discussions of the political moment and endeavors to develop a political social science that is more relevant for the challenges of the twenty-first century. 

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APACE Academy

APACE (Asian Pacific Advocacy, Culture and Education) Academy is a one-week summer program at ASU with a focus on Asian Pacific American history, culture and contemporary issues, as well as cultural competency, public-speaking, and civic engagement.

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CompuGirls is a culturally responsive technology program for adolescent girls from under-resourced school districts in the Greater Phoenix area and in Colorado. Supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, CompuGirls provides fun summer, after-school and year-long programs where participants learn the latest technologies in digital media, game development, and virtual worlds.

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Journal of American Indian Education

The Journal of American Indian Education (JAIE) is a refereed journal publishing original scholarship directly related to the education of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Indigenous peoples worldwide, including Inuit, Métis, and First Nations of Canada, Māori, Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander peoples, Indigenous peoples of Latin America, Africa, and others.

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