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When you give to the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University, you become a partner in the academic success of our students, the research discoveries of our faculty and the continued effort to make the world better. You’re also supporting a top-ranked research university that’s committed to finding solutions to some of our most pressing concerns. From scholarship support to funding for a specific research cause, your generosity and continued investment impact our community profoundly.

Why Give

Whether you’re donating a couple of dollars or a large sum, your gift is greatly appreciated. Any amount makes a difference for our students, faculty, staff, research and programs. Your charitable contributions enable our college to achieve the highest standards of excellence, access and impact.

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Brendan Cunningham



Brendan Cunningham

Associate Director of Development, Social Sciences

“Social transformation cannot happen without partnerships and bridge-building. Your generous donation can help us partner to empower student and faculty success. Together, we can build bridges and change the world.”

- Pardis Mahdavi, Interim Director, School of Social Transformation and Dean of Social Sciences at The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The significance of your generosity

Access and excellence

Your contribution to our scholarship fund will help us ensure every student with ambition and drive has access to a world-class higher education.

Student success

When you support our initiatives to foster student success, you’re helping us shape the next generation of leaders, innovators, scientists, educators and more.

Fostering innovation

We’re committed to being a knowledge enterprise. Your gift will help our faculty and students address society’s most pressing concerns through research discovery.

Featured initiatives

Ensure student access and excellence

Ensure student access and excellence

Through Campaign ASU 2020, the School of Social Transformation is focused on increasing the number of scholarships available to help ensure students with ambition and drive can pursue degrees in African and African American studies, Asian Pacific American studies, women studies, justice studies and more. We aim to shape the next generation of diverse leaders who will promote positive social change.

African, African American Studies Book Scholarship - to support an undergraduate student who is enrolled in the African and African American Studies degree program with cost/expense of books. 

Women Studies Scholarship/Fellowship - to support student scholarships/fellowships within Women and Gender Studies program.

Justice Studies 1st Generation Alumni Scholarship - to support a better learning environment for graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Justice and Social Inquiry. The students receiving support from this scholarship must be first generation students from the Arizona community who qualify for financial aid. 

Fuel discovery, creativity and innovation

Fuel discovery, creativity and innovation

The School of Social Transformation is committed to conducting groundbreaking research that impacts communities locally, nationally and internationally. From focusing on human responsibility in Anthropocene to understanding American Indian/Alaska Native policy and administration, we hope to increase funding for our programs, centers and institutes focused on fueling discovery and innovation.  

School of Social Transformation - to support all programs and initiatives of the School of Social Transformation. 

Center for Indian Education - to support all programs and initiatives of the Center for Indian Education. 

Center for Gender Equity in Science Technology - to support all programs and initiatives the Center for Gender

Champion Student Success

Champion Student Success

When you invest in the School of Social Transformation’s lecture series, you’re helping increase the number of informed society members who can contribute to conversations surrounding the world’s most prominent issues. Through Campaign 2020, the school aims to create more engaged civic communities who are ready to collaborate, make discoveries and create social innovations.

John P. Frank Lecture Series - to support the John P. Frank Lecture Series in the School of Social Transformation, which provides a forum for the school to share and explore critical issues of justice and the law with community leaders. 

Seeking Justice in Arizona Lecture Series - to support talks and presentations by guest speakers on social justice in Arizona.