Learn how social, economic and political issues shape the lives of people of African descent, and apply this specialized understanding in your choice of life paths.


American Studies, MA

What is America? What is the American experience? How do the answers to these questions vary depending on who is being asked? Learn to think deeply and critically about these questions and about the role of the U.S. in matters near and far.

If you are interested in the different experiences that make up the United States, exploring the global impact of the U.S., and how diverse communities work together to achieve social change, this program is for you.

You can become a knowledgeable, flexible professional, change agent, researcher, educator and advocate by critically addressing diverse intersectional experiences, quality of life and justice issues, field-based applications, and research for ongoing learning and writing.

Gain a deeper understanding of gender issues and receive advanced training in gender-related research. This program offers you an intersectional, transdisciplinary approach to finding practical solutions for real problems, which you can apply in a wide range of nonacademic careers.

Are you a graduate student who intends to teach, perform research or pursue a career related to gender studies? You can be better equipped to tackle important contemporary issues with extensive knowledge about gender research, theory and the ways gender is structured into our society and culture, obtained through the interdisciplinary training of this program.

Receive transdisciplinary training in theory and methods needed to conduct original, cutting-edge research that will contribute to the larger field of women, gender and sexuality studies.

Whether you are an experienced educator working in tribal communities or new to exploring the topic, this program can help you create practical solutions to unique issues. Researchers and students work collaboratively with native communities and contribute to the advancement of new knowledge, practice and policy in American Indian and Indigenous education.


Justice Studies, MS

Are you a future scholar or change agent who wants to conduct research and evaluate policies that promote social change? This program is composed of scholars dedicated to creating and implementing innovations to change the world.

Take a unique approach to the study of justice knowing that no single solution works for everyone. Examine the intersecting forms of injustice, engage multiple visions of justice, and get ready to transform communities by empowering those silenced by inequality.

Avail yourself of training and knowledge of sexual communities, and learn transdisciplinary perspectives about how understandings of sexualities have informed social relations, the legal system, the body and health, policies and institutions of the state.

Do you have a passion for improving society through education? This preeminent program of social pedagogy in North America helps you develop an interdisciplinary approach to socio-educational interventions. When merging formal, nonformal and informal education, learning types and public pedagogies, you can make an impact across a variety of social and educational contexts.

Learn to think critically about social, cultural and political dimensions of social transformation. Explore historical and current dynamics from diverse theories, conduct interdisciplinary research and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary for positioning yourself as an effective contributor toward social change.

What exactly are the social justice problems associated with income inequalities? And why should you care? Explore such issues in depth and learn how to apply this knowledge to develop fair and just socioeconomic policies and practices that can make our world better.