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José Patiño presenting

A visit from ASU alumnus, José Patiño, on Aliento: transforming trauma into hope and action

Hailey Torborg
José Patiño joined Gregory Broberg's "Intro to Justice Studies" course and began the conversation with his family history. José moved from Mexico to the US when he was six years old and early on in his childhood, he experienced many scenarios that undocumented families face; one example being his father getting deported and his family being separated.   Following an overview of Patiño's childhood, another ASU alumna, Abril Valenzuela, also shared her struggle growing up with undocumented…
Students engaging in studies

New student guide: tips and advice

Hailey Torborg
The start of a school year can feel overwhelming, especially when it's your first year attending a university. New home, new people, new environment. It's a big change all at once. Your first year can be scary, but as soon as you walk the stage on graduation day, you'll be wishing you could do it all again.   These first few years of your college career are important because they can help set you up for success in the long run. Here's a few tips from a graduate to help set you up for…
Left to right: Ava Rice, Professor Linton and Kelsey Roberts

LGBTQ+ Zine Presentation Recap

Hailey Torborg
As Kelsey Roberts and Ava Rice wrapped up their undergraduate degrees, they concluded their LGBT studies undergraduate certificates with ‘Zines’-- a form of print and/or digital media that is a truncated magazine, and draws inspiration from the feminist riot grrrl movement in the 1990s. ‘Zines include  images and text with the intent to educate or display current socio-political topics and art.. As they both advocate for LGBTQ+ communities, they are also both students of the School of…
2023 APACE attendee group photo

APACE 2023 Students Build Their Confidence

Hailey Torborg
Asian Pacific American Studies faculty member, Brandon Yoo, and his team come together every summer to put on an event called the APACE Academy. Standing for Asian Pacific Advocacy, Culture and Education Academy, this week long event is designed to educate and empower local Arizona Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) high school students. It is a unique program in collaboration with local AAPI community organizations and ASU faculty and staff that started back in 1995 to address the…