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College Research and Evaluation Services Team

Need an evaluation plan for a project you are working on and/or trying to fund? They will develop and implement one within your budget. 

Contact Wendy Barnard or learn more at: https://adl.asu.edu

Free editing

"Fresh eyes" for journal articles, book proposals, and other writing.

Learn more at: https://arizonastateu.sharepoint.com/sites/OKEDResearchEditing/SitePages/Journal.aspx

Free books

The library will order any books you want for your research or teaching, in hard copy or as e-books.

Contact SST Librarian Mimmo Bonanni or learn more at: https://lib.asu.edu/services/request/suggest

Open-access publishing fees

The library will pay up to $1500 towards open-access publishing fees in approved journals. If your journal isn’t on the list, you can ask if publishing fees for it can still be covered.

Find out more at: https://lib.asu.edu/research/publish

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Get your human subjects research approved here: https://researchintegrity.asu.edu/

Cultural Review for IRB

Jacob Moore currently reviews all IRB applications for work with Indigenous peoples or taking place on reservation lands.

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