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SST Email Addresses and Requests

    • Use for all sponsored funding, including Internal Seed grants. 
    • Use to connect with the events team, request parking validations, and reserve conference rooms on the 3rd floor of NOVUS.
    • Use for any money-related transactions: ordering books/office supplies, computers, payments, and reimbursements). 
    • Best to CC if spending of funds is expected as part of the request.
    • Use to communicate marketing requests, such as social media posts and content, newsletter content, flyers, event coverage, etc.
    • Use for facility/building issues, copies of tests/exams, and general mailing questions.
    • Use for questions about trip requests and expense reports.
    • Please do not book or pay for any travel expenses without a fully approved trip request within Concur. 
      Email for questions about travel reimbursements and travel cards
    • Created for researchers to seek guidance on seeking relationships with specific tribal partners.
    • If a researcher does not have an existing relationship with the tribal community they seek to work with, they should indicate their desire to work with a tribe, what tribe this is, and the reasons why by contacting

Forms of Interest

Internal Seed Grant Budget Template
External Seed Grant Budget Template
Sponsored Purchase Justification Form Template

Useful Contacts

  • Tracy Perkins, Associate Director of Research: Contact for inquiries about the SST annual Internal Research grant.
  • Camilla Fojas, SST School Director: Contact for applications regarding course releases in the winter for the following year to support book completion, large grant applications, and associate to full promotions. 
  • Brendan Cunningham: Contact for any inquiries related to the ASU Foundation.
  • Sherry Boyd-Grossman, Research Advancement Management: Contact for administrative support and budget development assistance.
  • Kaushik Balakrishnan, Director of Research Development and Advancement, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Contact for strategic support with grant writing, including draft reviews.
  • Mimmo Bonanni, SST Librarian: Contact for any library-related research needs.

SST Sponsored Team Contact Information