Engage with top undergraduate research assistants through Barrett Honors & SST internship programs.

Barrett Honors College Fellows Program

At the end of every fall, Barrett solicits faculty who want to incorporate honors students in to their research. Faculty can send in short project descriptions. In January, Barrett put the project on a website and ask the Barrett students to apply. Barrett College will do the matching process. In fall students take a light class on how to be a part of a research project. Some faculty with grant funding pay their students, the most do not. Research can last just for the fall semester or the whole year. The student could potentially choose to do their thesis out of this work. Learn more and find out how to submit your project: https://students.barretthonors.asu.edu/barrett-fellows

Barrett Honors College Student Honors Contracts

Honors students may turn regular classes into honors contracts by approaching the professor with a request to do an honors contract that gives them greater engagement with the course materials. One possibility for this extra work is to incorporate the student into a new or ongoing research project related to class themes.

Students initiate honors contracts, but faculty may include a note in their syllabi that says you will work with such students, and on what types of projects. More information on Honors Contracts can be found here: https://students.barretthonors.asu.edu/academics/honors-enrichment-contracts

Barrett Honors College biweekly research and internship round-up newsletter

Barrett publishes a bi-weekly newsletter that is a research and internship round up to their students. Feel free to submit your project details here: Research Opportunities for Barrett, The Honors College Students

School of Social Transformation

SST students can earn academic credit for doing a research internship with you by registering for appropriate courses within SST or its units. For assistance in selecting the most suitable course options (e.g., Independent Study), consult with SST student advisors.