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Social and Cultural Pedagogy

Angela Arzubiaga
Assoc Professor

Arzubiaga's research focuses on the education of children of immigrants, eco-cultural and sociocultural perspectives on family life and home-institution connections, and immigrant families' adaptations.

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Bryan Brayboy
Interim Director and Professor

Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy (Lumbee) is President’s Professor and Senior Advisor to the President at ASU. He is a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association and a Member of the National Academy

Gregory Broberg

Dr. Broberg joined the School of Social Transformation - Justice & Social Inquiry faculty as a Lecturer in 2017. Prior to this position, Dr. Broberg taught within the Arizona K-12 environment for 10 years.

Rudy Guevarra Jr
Assoc Professor

Among Guevarra's interests are comparative ethnic studies, Asian American studies, Pacific Islander studies, Filipina/o American studies, Chicana/o and Latina/o studies, U.S. labor and borderlands history.

K Lomawaima

Lomawaima’s teaching interests include U.S. history, American Indian policy history, Indigenous knowledge systems, and research issues in American Indian education.

Elsie Moore

Moore's research focuses on school, home and community factors in the educational achievement and attainment of African American children and young adults.

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Kathryn Nakagawa
Assoc Professor

Nakagawa's research explores inequity in education, including work on parent involvement and racial literacy. She is also examining how storytelling may be used in understanding attitudes toward health and race.

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Mary Eunice Romero-Little
Assoc Professor

Romero-Little's scholarship informs policy and practice in early childhood education and Indigenous language education.

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Jennifer Sandlin
Assoc Professor

Sandlin's research focuses on the intersections of education, learning, and consumption; as well as on the theory and practice of public pedagogy.

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Daniel Schugurensky

Schugurensky has published on a variety of topics, including adult education, community development, participatory democracy, citizenship education, social economy, civic engagement, and volunteer work.

Kimberly Scott

Founded by Professor Scott, CGEST is a one-of-a-kind research unit focused on exploring, identifying, and creating innovative scholarship about underrepresented women and girls in STEM.

Elizabeth Swadener

Swadener 's research focuses on internationally comparative social policy, with focus on sub-Saharan Africa, impacts of neoliberal policy on local communities, and children's rights and voices.

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