Information for hosting/planning an SST-affiliated event

Before submitting your event request form, please check the event calendar to make sure your event is not in conflict with other events. Requests will be reviewed and the plan and execution of the event will depend on available resources and time.

See event calendar

SST sponsored events

For meetings, lectures (large and small), speakers traveling to ASU and large events:

  1. Send an email to (the events team monitors this mailbox) 
  2. Schedule a meeting with the events team to discuss dates, timing, budget, details
  3. Complete the Event Request Form (please submit at least 2 months in advance) and Marketing Request Form (if applicable) 
  4. Review process and events team will follow up as needed. 
  • Only faculty and staff can complete the request forms. 

Non-SST events

  • If SST is co-sponsoring an event or an SST faculty member is giving a talk outside of SST, marketing and event staff may be able to assist with marketing and logistics, this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please note that our logo should appear on all marketing materials for events we are co-sponsoring.
  • If SST is not directly involved in the event, our ability to assist or promote is limited. 

Event Marketing

  • Once an event is approved, fill out the Marketing Request Form and the information will be forwarded to the marketing team. The team will work with the sponsoring unit or organizer to develop materials for inclusion in the SST newsletter and distribution to students, SST social media and other communication outlets. These communication vehicles are the primary way events are promoted, individual emails promoting events are not sent to students, staff or faculty.
  • The editorial calendars are planned in advance, the more notice, the better. 

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